Has your company been performing R&D or technological innovation with respect to the development or improvement of technologies, products, or processes in Canada?

Successful or not, your company may be eligible for credits, cash, or incentives.

For example: SR&ED credits or refunds; and Interactive Digital Media Tax Credits (IDMTC).

We are your expert R&D consultants offering highly skilled, experienced, and quality services tailored to your specific needs to help you access such credits, cash, or incentives. We offer experienced and quality services tailored to your specific needs (whether you have never heard of SR&ED or you are an experienced SR&ED filer or anywhere in between) including:

  • Complete claim preparation
  • Science report (project  description) assistance
  • Claim review (Already filed or  about to file? Let us review your claim to assist you in determining if  you have maximized allowable SR&ED expenditures.)
  • CRA audit/review assistance
  • SR&ED project planning and documentation/evidence consulting services
  • Tired of having to remember what you did, who did what, and the expenditures incurred from over 1 to  2.5 years ago? We offer services to review your existing R&D and/or product development processes to determine best practices to: maximize the benefit of SR&ED and/or other grants and incentives; track eligible expenditures; and track necessary documentary evidence. You can likely augment or mine your existing processes as opposed to having to re-invent the wheel.
  • Ad hoc (as needed) claim assistance or consulting
  • Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit (IDMTC) consulting and claim preparation
  • Other grants and incentives consulting
  • Methodical and thorough claim preparation processes while at the same time letting you focus on your normal business duties and minimizing your time on R&D claim preparation