MK & Associates

CRA does not make up the rules, and understanding the law is the first step. There is always a chance that CRA may audit your return. Make sure you never have to meet with the CRA agent alone.

We are not only Certified Management Accountants but also entrepreneurs with many years of experience in the retail, real estate and service sector. We understand your unique needs and the importance of adding value to your day to day business requirements.

We provide our clients with a full range of accounting, tax and consulting services, supported by our practical approach to each client’s needs. We believe in developing relationships to better understand your business in order to offer you sound advice.

 MK & Associates interview by CBC News

Family business? You may be paying EI premiums needlessly: By Tom McFeat, CBC NEWS

Our mission

  • Minimizing tax liabilities,
  • Minimizing threats,
  • Minimizing costs and
  • Maximizing your revenue.

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